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WiFi Camera

WiFi Camera

A modular, affordable and easy to use home automation device which enables wireless control of lights, fans and other electrical appliances using your smart phone.

  • Easy Installation – Unpack, connect and upgrade your existing switches without any additional rewiring. firefly easily fits inside your switchboards.
  • Smart Features – A built-in timer handles your repetitive tasks. An added security advantage of this is that of making your presence felt even when you are not home.
  • Connectivity – firefly can be operated via WiFi and also the Internet. Control your lights from anywhere.
  • Multi Access – Every member of your family can access and control firefly simultaneously using the ‘Firefly Connect’ app on their smart phone.
  • Seamless – Your physical switches remain operational as always while working harmoniously with the ‘Firefly Connect’ app.
  • Modular – Invest in one device today and simply expand your firefly smart home network in the future as per your requirement.

Automate your home and step into the world of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) with firefly.

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