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Water Pump Automation

Water Pump Automation

Water Automation System.  Live Home  Automation of Underground Tank & Overhead Tank Operations. In order to fulfill the changing demands of our clients, we are offering Water Pump Automation System. These are extensively used for removing the impurities from the water. Owing to the high durability, strong construction and compact designs, these are widely appreciated among the customers.


When Overhead Tank gets empty, then Water Pump will turn ON, conditionally there is minimum level of water in Underground Water. When Overhead Tank gets Full or Underground Tank gets empty, then Pump will Turn OFF.


No Tension of Turning ON/OFF Pump

Overhead Tank remains Full

No Water Wastage; No Power Wastage

Water Level Indicator for Underground and Overhead Tank

No Dry Running of Water Pump

Salient Features:

eWAS® Magnetic Sensors – Made up of Plastic (PP) which works with Hard Water also; irrespective of water characteristic

No Salt Formation, Corrosion, etc. on Sensor

Conventional Switch to Turn ON/OFF Pump, manually

System is installed with existing Pump Panel

Maintenance Free System

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