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Auto Pilot Drone

Auto Pilot Drone

A drone with a GPS and an autopilot system including camera gives you plenty of aerial options.  Drones can be flown by a pilot manually.  However, a drone on autopilot flying a programmed route can take aerial photos and video much better than any pilot can.

That is especially true in difficult weather conditions.  A drone flying in autopilot mode is monitoring and adjusting its location thousands of times per second.  Manual  piloting will never be able to achieve this flight accuracy.

Having a drone with a GPS autopilot flight system and camera is essential for aerial photogrammetry, 3D mapping and multispectral imaging. For aerial photography, it is great to let the drone fly on autopilot on a given route, while you concentrate on working the camera capturing the best of video and stills.

For applications such as crop monitoring and site surveying, letting the drone fly on autopilot is a great option.

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